Wind Turbine Generator Kit – Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading wind turbine generator kit online supplier to homes (& businesses) across the world – here are some of the common questions we get asked.

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What kind of region can be installed with wind turbines?

Small wind turbines should be applied in the regions which wind resources is sufficient. The annual average wind speed should be more than 3m/s, the effective wind speed 3-20m/s should be more than 3000h in accumulation per year. The density of 3-20m/s effectively average wind power should be more than 100W/m2.

How to calculate the actual need power in my home?

At present, battery stores the power from the wind turbine, then discharge to home appliances. So the power which discharged to the load and be charged timely by wind turbine is the amount of the actual needs power.

 Take an example: the rated output power from wind turbine generator is 100W per hour, the continuous workable hours by wind is 4 hours. The battery can be charged total capacity is 400WH. For only about 70% power from battery can be discharged to the load, so the actual power which can be used from battery is 280WH.

 If there are:

 1)    Bulb15W x 2 Pieces, working 4 hours one day, consumption 120WH

 2)    TV 35W x 1 set, working 3 hours one day, consumption 105WH

 3)    Radio 15W x 1 Piece, working 4 hours one day, consumption 60WH

How to select the correct battery capacity for the wind turbine generator?

500W wind turbine generator  matches 240AH battery (120AH x 2 Pieces)

Where can I use the wind turbine genetor?

It is ideally suited for the leisure sector and is known for charging batteries for boats, gazebos, cabins or mobile homes, as well as for green windmills, home, corporate and industrial energy supplements

Can it withstand strong winds?

The wind turbine is made to withstand harsh weather conditions such as the suns harsh UV rays, heavy rains and up to level 3 category hurricane. The 3 fiber glass blades and tail is cut to precision to the finest millimeter in order to keep it light and working at 100% efficiency.

With its 360 degrees rotation which makes the most of converting wind kinetic energy to usable electricity from any direction the wind is blowing.

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Superior Performance

The unique magnetic circuit design makes the starting torque very small, which can effectively ensure the wind turbine’s breeze starting ability.The generator uses a permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a special stator design, making the rotor and generator have a more favorable matching characteristics, the unit operation reliability.

Using the maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control, effective regulation of current and voltage.Integrated automatic braking system to protect from sudden and high wind speed.

Vertical-axis wind turbines are better able to harvest turbulent air flow found around buildings and other structures. Easy DIY installation methods with all materials provided. Can be used in conjunction with solar panels. Even during storms, this wind turbine can at least take air motion to provide reliable power. The wind turbine has a complete stand-alone power supply system that operates safely in a wide range of harsh climates. It is the ideal power supply system for scattered households, posts, weather stations, communications base stations, highways, scenic spots and other places. Well suited for the leisure sector, it is famous for battery charging on boats, gazebos, chalets or mobile homes.

Installation Note

  1. The three wires of the wind turbine are connected to the transmission cable, each pair of wires is not less than 30 mm, and the tape at the connection end is at 100 mm.
  2. The separation of the entire generator is aligned with the flange holes on the tower, and after the flat washer and the spring washer, tighten the locknut.
  3. Connect the wind turbine’s cable to the controller and the battery must be connected to the controller before wiring.